Horst and Gloria Arfert Making a Difference

Celebrating our 100,000th student served through our technology based children’s vision screening program is a significant milestone and we have many people to thank for this achievement.  However, there are a handful of pivotal moments that really created turning points and opportunities to reach these heights and on this path to 100,000 a key investment from longtime supporters Horst and Gloria Arfert is one of those moments.

In 2015 Conexus established a scholarship fund to help defray costs and support VisioCheck programming to some of the more underprivileged Virginia communities.  Horst and Gloria made the first sizable donation to this fund which allowed us to reach 22 diverse school divisions and 30,000 students across the Commonwealth. 

This was the first large scale “statewide” VisioCheck delivery.  This gave Conexus the opportunity to collect extensive data, identifying trends and service needs across Virginia.  Successful programming at this level helped Conexus to be successful in the 2017 General Assembly, making changes to the VA Code to support improved children’s school based vision screening, and encouraged the development of a study with VCU to recommend VisioCheck as best-practice programming.

The scholarship fund is fully expended each school year to reach the maximum number of students possible.  We are making great progress through the investments of those who believe that no child should unsuccessful in school simply because they need a pair of glasses.  We hope you will be as inspired as we’ve been through people like Horst and Gloria, to make a difference. 

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