“Glasses from Conexus change lives!” – Dr. Merv Daugherty, Chesterfield County Public Schools Superintendent

Making A-Ha Moments in Petersburg

“Vision is a basic need.” – Ashley Hall, CIS-Chesterfield Executive Director

“Getting kids access to vision care was always a challenge.” – Gemma Furman, Greenbrier Elementary School Nurse

“They are amazed how much  better they can see!” – Julie Buntich, Principal at Elizabeth Scott Elementary in Chesterfield County

“I look beautiful!!!”

Imagine Trying to Learn, Knowing You Need Glasses But Only Having a Broken Pair

“Conexus is one of the greatest partnerships CIS and the schools have!” – Mrs. Stowers, CIS Bensley Elementary School

“Four of my kindergartners just got glasses for the first time in their life.” – Mrs. Webb, Ettrick Elementary Kindergarten Teacher

“Being able to see is such a blessing, so thank you all for what you’re doing!”

“These are magic!”

“I can see better already!”