“Glasses from Conexus change lives!” – Dr. Merv Daugherty, Chesterfield County Public Schools Superintendent

“I can see better!”

“Vision is a basic need.” – Ashley Hall, CIS-Chesterfield Executive Director

As a school nurse, I am grateful for Conexus and their VisioCheck screenings. These screenings are critical for the success of our students and the Conexus program is more efficient, especially with children that may have language barriers. Their process ensures all our students receive the most effective screening possible.” – John Oliver, George Mason Elementary

“They are amazed how much  better they can see!” – Julie Buntich, Principal at Elizabeth Scott Elementary in Chesterfield County

“Conexus is making a huge difference in the lives of our children. From VisioCheck to their Mobile Clinic providing glasses, we are grateful for their efforts and we want this program to continue to grow at Walnut Hill.

The teachers here are excited to have the Conexus Mobile Clinic and to see several of their students receive glasses, learning the importance of good vision at a young age.” – Tamika Green, School Nurse at Walnut Hill Elementary

“​I can read!”

“Conexus VisioCheck makes my job so much easier and their techs take the time to educate the students and the staff so they can have a basic understanding of the screening process and we love that their screenings ensure that our special education children are taken care of.“ – Christine Ambler, School Nurse, Norview High School

Four of my kindergartners just got glasses for the first time in their life.” – Mrs. Webb, Ettrick Elementary Kindergarten Teacher

“Being able to see is such a blessing, so thank you all for what you’re doing!”

Thank you Conexus for providing the eye screening at my school (Lakeview Elementary) I have my glasses and can see much better to read and write and I do better in school!” – Preston H. (age 6)

“I can see better already!”