Screening Frequently Asked Questions

How Will My Child’s Vision Be Screened?

In order to conduct the vision screening, your child will be asked to look at a hand-held device that is held at eye level to your child at a distance of 2 feet.  Your child will be asked to look at the “smiley face” on the front of the device for about 5-10 seconds while the digital equipment takes a series of photos and measurements of your child’s eyes.  S/he will not have to provide any physical or verbal responses during the test.  The software associated with the screening technology will interpret the measurements based on the designated screening parameters and will provide the results as a “PASS” or “REFER”.  Screening results are confidentially communicated to parents on a screening certificate.

Is The Screening Safe?

YES. The plusoptiX device measures refraction by means of photo-retinoscopy – the same method used by eye professionals, with the only difference being that infrared light is used instead of visible light to avoid glare. Infrared light is completely innocuous and contained in sunlight as well as all incandescent lights (e.g. light bulbs, halogen spots etc.).

If My Child’s Screening Results Indicate ‘REFER’ What Does That Mean?

If your child’s results indicate a “REFER” on the screening certificate it means that a potential vision problem was detected as part of the screening process.  Your child should be seen for a complete eye examination by an eye care professional of your choosing at your earliest convenience.  Click here to learn more about understanding the vision screening certificate.

If My Child Has a Diagnosed Vision Impairment or Wears Glasses, Do They Need to Be Screened?

If your child has already been diagnosed with a vision impairment or wears glasses, they do not need to participate in the vision screening unless required by their school; however, the screening can be performed with your child’s glasses on, giving a good idea of the effectiveness of their current prescription. If your child receives a referral with their current correction, we recommend that you contact their eye care provider to discuss the results. Always follow your child’s eye doctor’s recommendations regarding frequency of visits and treatment.

If you have additional questions about our technology-based screenings, please contact us by email or call ​(804) 423-2020 ext. 7.