How to Care for Your New Glasses

Your new glasses were made especially for you. Eyeglasses can’t be shared—the lenses in your glasses have a special strength that is designed to help only you see better. Don’t share your glasses with others, and don’t wear eyeglasses that belong to other people—they won’t work the same way and can do more harm than good.

Remember, Conexus will replace your child’s glasses for free ONLY 3 times, and after that, Conexus will charge a $20 replacement fee – so it is critical that you take all the necessary steps to protect and maintain your glasses!

If you need to request a replacement pair for your child or your student, please send an email to [email protected]; include the child’s name, approximate date of Conexus Mobile Vision Clinic exam, and school name.

Keep them clean!

· A cleaning cloth has been provided. Never use paper towels, clothing, napkins, etc. Only use soft cloths meant for cleaning glasses so you don’t scratch your lenses.

· Never clean your lenses dry. Wet them with water or eyeglass cleaner. Don’t use household cleaners like Windex—these will damage your glasses.

· Hold your glasses by the bridge between the lenses when cleaning them to keep from changing the way they fit.

Put on and remove your eyeglasses with two hands—one on each earpiece. This will help keep the shape and fit of your glasses.

Don’t place your glasses on a surface or in the case with the lenses down—this can scratch the lenses.

Follow the wearing instructions given to you by the eye doctor (full-time or part-time). 

When you are not wearing your glasses, keep them in the case to protect them from damage or loss.