Conexus is proud to partner with the VSP Eyes of Hope (formerly Sight for Students) voucher program, which provides free eye exams and glasses through VSP network providers.  Additionally, our partnership with OneSight allows us to provide free eyeglasses to additional students who may not qualify for the Sight for Students vouchers.

It is important to note that our access to these vouchers is a direct result of the diligence shown in verifying qualifications.  In order to maintain quality control and continue the relationship we enjoy with these very generous providers, we are required to be sure that all of our issuing partners are aware of and verify the qualifications of each candidate. 

Vouchers that are issued to children found to be ineligible at the point of service will be declined according to the requirements of the program.  If the child has any access to vision coverage on his/her insurance plan they do not qualify for the Eyes of Hope program. If you are provided with incomplete or inaccurate information when verifying eligibility, the provider may decline service or require payment from the family at the time of service.

VSP Eyes of Hope vouchers provide a basic eye exam and glasses at no cost to the family.  If the student does not qualify for Eyes of Hope, he or she may qualify for eyeglasses only through OneSight (formerly our Healthy Eyes voucher program).  This will require a current prescription.

Additional Information:

​Students must meet ALL of these requirements to qualify for the Eyes of Hope program. If they do not qualify for Sight for Students, they may still qualify for glasses only through OneSight as described in the details below.

Family Income Is At Or Below 200% Of Federal Poverty Guidelines (Click To View Chart)
Persons in HouseholdAnnual Income
200% Federal Poverty Guidelines
Each additional household member
Add $8,960
Last updated 2/23/2021
Child Is Not Enrolled In Medicaid Or Other Vision Insurance

A child may have health insurance but cannot have vision coverage in order to use this voucher. Medicaid does provide for vision coverage and should be used in place of the voucher.  If the student meets the financial qualifications but has vision coverage/Medicaid and/or does not have a social security and does not qualify for Sight for Students, they are still eligible through OneSight for eyeglasses only.

**Note** VSP no longer requires a social security number for their Sight for Students vouchers. The other qualifications remain the same.

Child Is 19 Years Old Or Younger And Has Not Graduated From High School

This program is specifically for students.

Child Has Not Used The Program Within The Last 12 Months

Eligibility begins on the first day of the month in which the voucher was used the prior year. Only one voucher will be honored for each child within a 12-month period.

If a student has used a voucher but needs replacement glasses, s/he may be eligible through the OneSight program as described below.

Finding A Provider:

VSP Eyes of Hope (formerly Sight for Students)

Click here to find a provider in your area.  Please note that their inclusion in the location search is NOT a guarantee that a provider will accept a voucher; the family must contact them prior to their visit and let them know that they have a voucher.  This is explained in the instructions on the voucher. Eyewear service must be obtained from the same location as the exam.


Choose from LensCraftersPearle Vision (some locations), and Target Optical.  

The referral letter (voucher) is not a guarantee of service, and resources will vary by location.  

​You or the client must contact selected store(s) and speak to the OneSight Representative at the location(s). They will inform you of available resources and assist you with making an appointment, if available.

Additional Resources:

​For students with additional needs or who do not qualify for the Sight for Students program, please review the following resources.

  • Lions Clubs – Lions Clubs are civic organizations that work to strengthen communities, and vision is a primary focus. Available resources vary by club, but many clubs have assistance available for those who need help obtaining an eye exam and/or glasses.  Click here to locate your local Club.
  • Medicaid and other Health Care – Medicaid generally covers an eye exam and glasses, although benefit frequency varies by state. Information for Virginia can be found here.
  • Your local social service agency may have access to other resources, such as New Eyes and others, that can only be accessed through a case manager. 
  • Local retailers and providers. Private providers and larger retail chains very often have charitable funds that they use to provide for children and adults in need of assistance. Some use sliding-scale fees, while others will provide care or glasses at no charge. Contact, or encourage the family to contact, local resources.

We continue to seek additional partnerships that will allow us to effectively serve as many students as possible, and will add resources as they become available.

Contact Conexus if you need additional assistance