VisioCheck programs use the safe, non-invasive plusoptiX® digital screening technology, which evaluates several factors that affect vision clarity and function.  Some of these issues can be corrected simply with a pair of glasses; others may cause permanent vision loss if left untreated.  

Within about 1-5 seconds (and without a required response from the child), the equipment evaluates and provides a PASS or REFER analysis for:

Myopia (nearsightedness)
Hyperopia (farsightedness)
Anisometropia (unequal refractive power)
Astigmatism (lack of sharp focus)
Anisocoria (pupil size deviations)
Strabismus (corneal reflexes, symmetry)

VisioCheck was specifically designed to help schools meet their mandated screening requirements (public schools and Head Starts) and school-readiness responsibilities (preschool and private school programs) while ensuring the best possible outcomes.  As a comprehensive, full-service program, VisioCheck incorporates:

  • school nurse training and/or credentialed Conexus staff members and equipment
  • student screening
  • parental education
  • access to care
  • data collection, reporting, and management
Technology & Program

When used as part of a comprehensive Conexus program that includes: 

  • screenings performed on-site by a credentialed Conexus staff member using the plusoptiX® screening equipment
  • education and awareness components to effect positive behavioral change and increase the likelihood of follow-up by parents
  • a follow-up system that includes quality assurance measures, data management and financial assistance for qualified students
  • continued access to Conexus as a professional resource for school health staff

the plusoptiX® technology-based vision screening provides highly accurate, effective, and efficient vision screenings for your students.

Program Staff

In compliance with accepted “Best Practice” all program staff members complete the following:

  • background checks through the Child Protective Services Registry
  • background checks through Virginia State Police
  • Department of Social Services sworn disclosure statement
  • tuberculosis test 

For the protection of your students, staff members carry identification.  

All staff members are certified on the specific screening equipment used in the program and are certified in children’s vision screening.

Partner Schools

Public Schools

Public school systems throughout the region have partnered with Conexus to bring VisioCheck to their students.

Since 2010, we have screened more than 221,000 students through this program.


Initially started in 2010 as our W.H.E.E.L.S. Kindergarten Readiness Program**, VisioCheck in preschools is specifically intended to make sure that children start their school careers ready to learn, with healthy vision being a key component of school readiness.