Gift of Light Campaign

In classrooms across the region, children are struggling not because they lack ability or desire, but simply because they lack all the tools they need to succeed; their poor vision is a barrier to their learning. And now, more than ever, as children spend increased time on devices due to virtual and hybrid learning, their healthy vision is critical to their success!

Your support of the Conexus Gift of Light campaign WILL change the life of a child in your community!

For a gift of $10, Conexus can provide a child a VisioCheck screening! For a gift of $50, Conexus can provide glasses for a child! For a gift of $150, Conexus can provide screening for an entire classroom! For a gift of $500, Conexus can provide an entire day of Mobile Vision Clinic services!

This holiday season, we hope you consider making a charitable donation to bring the gift of healthy vision to a child!

We are grateful for our 2021 Gift of Light Partners!

​Why YOUR Support Matters!

In the last 5 years, Conexus has screened over 231,000 children across the Commonwealth and nearly 71,000 were referred for additional care; a rate of 30.4%. In addition, nearly 5,900 FREE eye exams were provided to students in Richmond, Petersburg, Chesterfield, and Cumberland schools with over 4,400 pairs of glasses being prescribed and dispensed to students that might otherwise have gone without healthy vision.

In Greater Richmond, Conexus has screened over 85,000 children and 27,000 have been referred; a nearly 32% rate. The national average is 25%.

This school year, after an extremely trying 2020-2021 school year for students, parents, teachers, staff and partner agencies due to COVID closures and virtual/hybrid learning, Conexus launched its COVID Catch Up program and has been EXTREMELY busy!!

Conexus positioned itself to help school districts across the region catch students up with their vision screenings and in Richmond, Petersburg, and Chesterfield, our Mobile Vision Clinic will also provide eye exams and glasses. The vast majority of these children went un-screened for an entire year all while learning at home virtually or through a hybrid/home combination. In addition to being unscreened, these students were also faced with increased eye strain due to digital learning. Now, more than ever, healthy vision will be critically important.

In a typical year, Conexus would screen just shy of 60,000 kids across the Commonwealth. For this upcoming year, statewide, we anticipate screening between 110,000 to 120,000 children – DOUBLING our program.