Conexus Keeps Children’s Vision Problems from Impeding Their Success

Lee Ware, Virginia Delegate
“Having spent three decades teaching History and Government to young people, naturally the wellbeing of our children in school is of immense importance to me. How well children can read can determine the quality of their learning, and poor vision is by definition an impediment to reading. Consequently, I admire—and support—Conexus in its mission to expand vision-testing for school pupils.”

When 5-year-old Preston went to school one day, there was a lady there to check his eyes. It was important, his teacher told him, because he needed to be able to see well to read and learn.

Preston was a little nervous, but the lady showed him the box that she would be using to screen his vision. It looked a little bit like the pad he used to play games and watch cartoons. All he had to do was stand still for a few seconds while she looked at him through that box. It was over before he knew it!

This quick and easy screening, called VisioCheck and conducted by Conexus, determined that Preston had astigmatism. Astigmatism can cause blurred vision, which can impact reading and many other activities.

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