Scholarship Fund

The Conexus Scholarship Fund was established as one of the key components to Conexus’ program expansion plan.  The fund was designed to support program expansion by creating sustainability while also helping to make important vision programming as affordable as possible for our wide range of partners.

Recently, longtime Conexus friends and supporters, Mr. and Mrs. Horst Arfert provided support to the fund with a very generous inaugural gift.  With their gift, they know they will make a difference in the lives of young children. But they also hope to inspire others to follow their lead by supporting the Scholarship Fund with a gift as well.  We appreciate the considerable time the Arferts spent visiting Conexus to learn more about VisioCheck, technology based screenings, and the value of comprehensive programs for students.    

We know that good vision is important for children as they work to be successful in the classroom.  We also know that many children who need glasses or possibly even more extensive vision care are not aware of the fact that they aren’t seeing as well as they should.  The VisioCheck program was specifically designed to address many of the most common concerns regarding school vision screenings, and is making great strides in improving outcomes for students. 

The Scholarship Fund directly supports the VisioCheck program and your monthly gift will help us to continue this very beneficial program for students. We hope that you will join us in helping to eliminate undetected and untreated vision problems as barriers to success in school and life, allowing all children the opportunity to reach their best potential.